Action Center Dashboard


The new dashboard is split into two groups - the action list and the watch list.

The action list shows alerts and action items that are sorted by priority, so you can handle them from top to bottom. It includes broken build and release pipelines, incoming pull requests, and work items. You can define your own priority rules in settings. The action list will not show any items that are in a good state and don't need your attention.

Use a watch list to keep track of things that you care about, but which are not actionable at the moment. By default, it includes builds that you recently started and pull requests that you have created. You can customize it to include things like tasks that you created for other people.

You can add multiple watch and action lists to the dashboard, to group things by project, team, or other criteria.

After configuring the dashboard, you can share it with your team. Any changes to shared dashboard settings will be propagated to other team members automatically.


CatLight v3 can work with multiple dashboards. You can use them for additional grouping by teams, projects, roles, and activities. For example, you can create a dashboard for the on-call person, and a separate one for other engineers.