Connecting to GitHub with access token

Usually, when connecting to GitHub, you can use an option to "Sign in online", and CatLight will request all necessary permissions. 

If you are connecting to GitHub Enterprise, or online sign-in does not work for you, use a token to authenticate.

To get a token from GitHub, open the token page:

  1. Go to GitHub
  2. Click on your profile, then on "Settings"
  3. Go to the "Developer settings" tab
  4. Click on "Personal access tokens", then "Tokens (classic)"
  5. Click on Generate new token
  6. Set expiration to "No expiration" to ensure that the token works indefinitely. You specify another value if needed.
  7. Select the required token permissions (see below)

Required token permissions:

  • repo - we use it to read pull requests in public and private repositories. GitHub does not have a more granular permission request at the moment
  • read:org - read information about team membership
  • write:repo_hook - the app can add webhooks to get faster notifications about changes in the repo and reduce load on the GitHub service.
  • notifications - read notifications
  • read:user - read information about the user and their teams.